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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGT)
G.Quan Fun

1 ***OFFICE USE ONLY*** DATE RECEIEVED: ____________________________ VERIFY ALL [3] pages complete: YES CLUBS’ FUNDING REQUEST FORM “The Clubs’ Funding Subcommittee is Empowered to issue SCSU’s budgeted Clubs Funding and Sponsorship Funding. Additionally, the Committee Provides Oversight for the Club Orientation and Restaurant Space Rental subsidy” TYPE OF FUNDING (PLEASE CHECK APPLICABLE) FUTURE EVENT RETROACTIVE EVENT RESTURANT SUBSIDY TERMS OF APPROVAL: ALL FUNDING REQUESTS ARE SUBJECT TO THE 3-032 CLUBS’ FUNDING SUBCOMMITTEE POLICY. THIS IS AVAILABLE ON SCSU.CA PLEASE READ AND HAVE A THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING OF IT. 1. Confirmation of official club status in order to receive clubs’ funding is determined using the Department of Student Life’s online campus groups list. 2. If the Event is RETROACTIVE (has already occurred) Please attach ALL ORIGINAL RECEIPTS for this particular Event to this form. Any submission for retroactive funds without receipts attached will not be considered in the current round of clubs funding. 3. If the Event is in the FUTURE, understand that all funding is granted based on the understanding that ALL ORIGINAL RECEIPTS will be submitted for confirmation of purchasing and under condition of approval will be required to be submitted no later than [2] WEEKS after your event. Refusal to do so will result in indelibility in all future submissions until receipts are submitted. SCSU reserves the right not to issue clubs funding to students AND clubs who have yet to submit their receipts. 4. Please allow [1] WEEK for a screening process, which may include a presentation to the subcommittee. You will be notified [2] WEEKS after the DEADLINE with either [APPROVAL], [PARTIAL], or [REFUSAL] of funding. CONTACT INFORMATION Name of Officially Recognized Club: ____________________________________________ Name of Contact: _________________________________________________________ Club’s Email Address: _________________________________________________________ Phone Number of Contact: _________________________________________________________ Club position of Contact_________________________________________________________ Two Alternative Executives: ___________________________________________________ EVENT INFORMATION Name of Event: _____________________________________________________________ Date of Event: ______________________________________________________________ Duration: Start- Finish-_____________________________ Location of Event: On Campus Off Campus Location _______________________ If the event is to be held in the student centre please contact Joel Clark at [[email protected]] Members Responsible for the Event (3): __________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Number
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