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Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

MW262 5-9 Tuesday Chapter 9: Managing the human resources The rise of knowledge workers Why human resources are important: Before: Canada was “Industrial” Economy We made and sold “things” Now: Canada is “knowledge” economy We sell knowledge, expertise Knowledge Workers: require education apply theoretical knowledge apply analytical knowledge Why human resources matter: Brain power will make Canada wealthy, ability 70% of Canadian GDP from services 75% of Canadian employment: services Business success will require individual businesses to attract and retain the best people The Human Resource Function: Predicts Human resources needs Locates the best candidates Selects the best employees Provides training to new employees Design and administer [ay and benefits Provide counselling and assistance Manager’s job is to pull employees into the right direction If a manger lies to an employee, treats employee badly, employees will not take 50% raise, employees will not be motivated to work overtime; Or To work get a raise in wage means to work harder over time etc. Motivation is and internal force that makes you behave in a certain way Chapter 10- Motivating employees (SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS ON EXAM) KNOW YOUR THEORIES Principal points: Motivation- What it is; Why it’s important Some key theories experiments: The classical Theory, Scientific Management, Hawthorn Experiments Motivation: The internal process that energies, directs and sustain our behaviour, he personal force that causes us to behave in a particular way Morale: A worker’s feelings towards his or her job and superiors and towards the firl itself “Classical Theory” of Motivation Workers are motivated only by money. From your own experience is that true? If there are jobs we won’t return to, because they are demeaning, because they are unpleasant, because our supervisors were condescending. Arrogant unkind: Classical Theory is wrong Scientific Theory Principles of scientific management (1911) book by Fredrick W Taylor Taylor wanted to improve workers’ efficiency If Classical Theory correct (workers motivated only by money): paying them more prompts them to produce more. Scientific Management Break jobs into many simple, separate tasks Time and motivation studies> job analysis>specialization> repeti
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