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Management (MGT)
H Laurence

MGTA03 CHAPTER 10 11242011 81800 AMPsychological contract the set of expectations held by an employee concerning what he or she will contribute to an organization contributions and what the organization will provide the employee inducements in returnLess formal and less rigidly defined than a legal contractIf either party perceives an inequity in the contract that party may seek a change o Employee ask for a pay raisepromotionbigger office or seek another job o Organization train workers transfer them to new jobs firing themBecause of the downturn in the Canadian economy organizations are more likely to provide lavish benefits packages as opposed to assurance of job permanence asinducementHuman relations interactions between employers and employees and their attitudes toward one anotherFoundation of good HR is a satisfied and motivated workforceJob satisfaction the pleasure and feeling of accomplishment employees derive from performing their jobs wellSatisfied workers if they enjoy their work they are relatively satisfiedlikely to have high morale o Have many rewards o More likely to work hard and try to make useful contributions to the organization o Have fewer grievances and less likely to engage in negative behaviours o More likely to come to work everyday and remain with the organization o By ensuring satisfied workers managers gain an efficient and smoothrunning companyDissatisfied workers if they do not enjoy their work they are relatively dissatisfiedo Have many costs o Far more likely to be absent due to minor illnesses personal reasons or a general disinclination to go to workMorale the generally positive or negative mental attitude of employees toward their work and workplaceThe degree to which they perceive their needs are being met by their jobsDetermined by job satisfaction satisfaction with pay benefits coworkers promotion opportunitiesLow morale may result in high turnoverTurnover the percentage of an organizations workforce that leaves and must be replaced o Normal turnover weeds out lowperforming workerso High levels result in numerous vacancies disruption in production decreased productivity and high retraining costsMotivation the set of forces that causes people to behave in certain waysOne part of the managerial function of directingManagers must understand differences in behaviour and the reasons for them3 MAJOR APPROACHES TO MOTIVATION IN THE WORKPLACE 1 CLASSICAL THEORY AND SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT Classical theory of motivation a theory of motivation that presumes that workers are motivated almost solely by moneyFrederick Taylor The Principles of Scientific Managemento Proposed a way for both companies and employees to benefit form this widely accepted view of the workplace o If workers are motivated by money then paying them more would prompt them to produce more o The firm that analyzed jobs and found ways to better perform them would be able to produce goods more cheaply make higher profits and thus pay and motivate workers better than its competitors o This approach is known as scientific management
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