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lecture 5

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Management (MGT)
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Chris Bovaird

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MGTA03 Lecture Five: Entreprnueurd: Personality Trait High Need for achievement o Psychlogist David McCelland: Created the theory of Need of motivaton o Needs Motivation Theory o Three basic human Motivation 1. Need for Power: People who are authority motivated. They need to be influential. They need to lead. They need personal status and prestige. 2. Need for Affiliation: People who need friendly relationships, motivated by interaction with other. Team player and, need to be liked and held in high regards 3. Need for Achievement: People, who seek achievement, want to attain challenging goals. N-Arch produced people who need accomplishment. Internal locus of control o A persons belief that events result from their own behaviour and actions. o Internals: try to influence others o internals assume their efforts External Locus of Control o People who believe
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