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Management (MGT)
Mc Conkey& Bovaird

Contents of Lecture 1. MGTA03 - MY HIGHLIGHTS FROM COURSE OUTLINE 2. LECTURE MATERIAL 1. MGTA03 - MY HIGHLIGHTS FROM COURSE OUTLINE - Office Hours for Profs - best times at 1-3pm >- keep in mind we are always welcome to drop by, but it is better to let the prof. know you are coming by emailing first - attend FSGs >- apparently, Prof said he is too "lazy" to create new exams, and so the FSG leader may be very helpful with telling us what is important (I will be attending FSGs) - go on JULY 9 or JULY 16 to pick up mid-term test (returned in-class) -------------------------- Key Contact Information Professors Prof. Bovaird IC226, M[1-3pm], W[1-3pm] [email protected] Prof. McConkey IC268, M[1-3pm], W[1-3pm] [email protected] Librarian Lola Rudin, Subject Librarian, Management and Economics IC375, M&R[1-3pm] OR Appointmt [email protected] Course Coordinator Ms. Thaskaran IC254, M-F[1-2pm] [email protected] - go to Ms. Thaskaran - to pick up mid-term test outside of classroom hours - give in medical documentation for missed evaluation (ex.Term test) - if unable to find grade posted on Intranet Textbook Business - Volume 1, Griffin, Ebert & Starke, Second Custom Edition for UTSC Pearson Custom Publishing -------------------------- 2. LECTURE MATERIAL 00_-_Intro-Overview Notes - every single powerpoint presentation will have the "Main points of today's lecture" slide - these are the topics that the professor will highlight for their IMPORTANCE ----- Some Abbreviations I Use - [#] - this indicates the slide # the notes below it are referring to - ex. [5] is referring to notes from slide 5, while [6-8] are referring to notes from slides 6 to 8 inclusive ----- [1-4] - Introducing the professors, and how the lecture will proceed today [5] MGTA03 - COURSE OUTLINE - professors only use INTRANET for this course - does not use BLACKBOARD - Bovaird updates around 5:00AM every morning Bovaird - will not respond to e-mails about info. that would be available on course outline - ex. if you ask about how much the final exam is worth, he will not reply. This is because this info already available on course outline [6-7] MGTA03 - UTSC INTRANET - Intranet is where all course-related material posted by professors is found - If you send a msg to prof about an inquiry that is already addressed on the Intranet, then he will not reply. [8] UTSC INTRANET - Although lec's will be taped, they will only be posted for 2 weeks - HINT: Firefox add-on "Download Helper"; [9] INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEW - The info about "Course Description", "Textbook", "How the courseworks" and "Test & Exam" are all addressed in the Course Outline [10] MGTA03 - COURSE DESCRIPTION - course that gives a broad, general intro. to study of business, management in Canada Questions we are trying to ponder about - What is a Business? - What is the role of Businesses in Canada? - Why are Canadian businesses important to the world? - How are businesses started? - Why are businesses started? - How do you manage a business? [11] MGTA03 - COURSE DESCRIPTION - By it being an INTRODUCTORY course, he assumes that that ppl do not have knowledge of this (ie. management, business, economy) - So he will be more easy-going with q's raised in class and slow down to address any confusion [12] INFORMATION ABOUT TEXTBOOK (See top) - Check TUSBE for cheaper deals [13-15] MGTA03 - HOW COURSE WORKS - 1 LEC/wk - Each lecture ~1 chapter - We are responsible for all contents in textbook that will be tested, regardless of if he discussed them in class or not. However, I believe emphasis is on those he highlighted [19] - The professor is there to provide the following information for topics that he will discuss: - examples, interpretation, and explanation [15] - FSGs can reveal what was on prev. exams **** [22] MID-TERM TEST Scheduled for Monday, June 25th => ~6th week of semester - in-class - can be from chapters 1-4, or chapters 1-5 (dep. on how far prof's get) [23-33] (skip; literally just read from the slides, no relevant notes) [34-36] NOTE: Have to read every chapter - only MAIN points highlighted in lecture [37] OPTIONAL - BONUS MARKS - at end of class, will go on intranet and put up pop quiz (4-5 M/C - quick review of things did prev. week) - entirely voluntary - 4 additional marks if you come every class and answer pop quiz q - don't start until after another 3 weeks (end-of-class quizes) - must buy software ($20) (Kind of confused about this; just stay tuned for coming lecture as he mentioned that someone will come to discuss this) ================================================================== 01_-_Chapter-01 Question raised about the "style" of Multiple choice questions on exam - Professor's reply - questions are straightforward [if you have done the readings and understood] - no hidden meaning, not designed to fool you - obvious answers coming from textbook - again, he emphasizes the imptance of reading the TXT!!! [1] - Readings: up to p10, Chapter 1 [2] PURPOSE OF CHAPTER/LECTURE (literally read from there, or paraphrased it) [3] MAIN POINTS OF TODAY'S LECTURE (a) Business: defined (b) Profit vs Loss (c) Factors of production (d) Economic systems (didn't get to this in lecture 01) - these are key bullets to keep in mind from the 10 pages of readings >- still need to know entire chapter, but these 4 bullets contain the MOST impt stuff - in the beginning of every lecture, the below outline will be presented: [4] (a) Business: defined 1 2 = organized effort to make/produce/provide/supply sth which is trying to sold to ppl called customers (aka consumers) 1 - (ie. one/more ppl put time/effort into it) 2 - (ie. provide service to sb) Other Key Information - business DOES NOT EXIST unless - ppl who organize the business... - see or think that there are ppl out there that need sth that they can provide, or - there is sth that we can provide that can make ppl's lives/experiences much better - ex. selling juicy hamburgers (will satisfy a person's craving) - the intent of these businessmen (aka entrepreneurs (slide 23, [23]) is to make a profit [5] This i
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