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Lecture 5

Week 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

Management Lecture 5 272012 11200 PM Midterm Chapter 14 may be 5y It will cover chapter 4 for sureChapter 4 The balance sheety Balance sheet shows how much stuff an individual showsy Shows the value of assets and liabilitiesy Assets any anything that a business can sellLiabilitiesy If you borrow to buy an asset you must pay it backy Example credit cardcar loanEquityy If someone gives you the money or if you have earned the money no need to repayTypical business assetsy Cash bank accounts petty cash floaty Raw materials bread cheese tomatoesy Inventory Products ready to be sold y Real estate Office buildings Factories y Machinery or equipment van computers Typical business liabilitiesy Bank loans line of credits overdraftsy Tread credit Money owed to suppliersy Unpaid Bills rent phone hydro ect Business are like any other business they pay their money when they have the money This account is also called accounts payablesy Term loans Truck and car loansy Moorgate 25 years loan on factory Business Equityy Share capital Shareholders invest money to start a businessy Earnings Business makes profit buys more assetsy Equity Money supplied by the owners Assets bought with owners money
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