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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGT)
Bill Mc Conkey

MGTA04 Class 4 February 2 2012 CHAPTER 3 MANAGING INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY Information Manager the manager responsible for the activities needed to generate analyze and disseminate information that a company needs to make good decisionsInformation Management An internal operation that arranges the firms information resources to support business performance and outcomesDATA VS INFORMATIONData raw facts and figuresInformation a meaningful useful interpretation of dataINFORMATION SYSTEMSInformation System IS an organized method of transforming data into information that can be used for decision makingIS managers determine what info is needed then they gather the data and apply the technology to convert data into information They also need to control the flow of info so that it goes only to those people who need itInformational quality depends on an organizations technological resources and on the people who manage themThe widening role of IS results from rapid developments in electronic technologies that allow faster and broader flows of information and communicationsTHE EXPANDING SCOPE OF INFORMATION SYSTEMSManagers soon began using IS systems not merely to solve technical problems but to analyze management problems especially for control purposesapplying qualitycontrol standards to production comparing costs against budgeted amounts keeping records on employee absences and turnoverIS are also crucial in planning Managers routinely use IS to decide on a firms products and markets for the next 510 yearsBasic change in organizationsan increased interdependence between a companys business strategy and its ISELECTRONIC INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIESIS applications based on telecommunications technologiesPerform 2 functions 1 Providing coordination and communication within a firm 2 Speeding up transactions with other firmsWidely used innovationsFax Machine facsimile machine a machine that can quickly transmit a copy of documents or graphics over telephone linesVoice mail a computer based system for receiving and delivering incoming telephone callsElectronic mail email system electronic transmission of letters reports and other information between computers Electronic Conferencing allows people to communicate simultaneously from different locations via telephone video or email group softwareone form of electronic conferencing data conferencingallows people in remote location towork simultaneously on the same documentGroupware system that allows 2individuals to communicate electronically between desktop PCsInfo from outside a company can be linked to its electronic network and the info can be made available at every workstation Commercial digital information services provide online information for both specialpurpose and general topics
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