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Management (MGT)
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CHAPTER 1PRODUCING GOODS AND SERVICES Service operationsprovide tangible and intangible service products eg entertainment transportation Goods productionprovide tangible products eg newspapers buses Operations production managementsystematic direction and control of the processes that transform resources into finished goodsManagement of the creation of goodsservices using the factors of production land labour capital entrepreneurship Production managersplan organize schedule controlresponsible that operation processes must create valueprovide benefits eg farmers Operations processset of methodstechnologies used in production 5 Types of Transformation TechnologyChemical through heatcoldmixture change materials compositionFabrication alter the form of a product cut something bend itAssembly put things togetherTransport moving raw materialproduct from A to BClerical transforms information 2 Types of Production ProcessAnalyticresources are broken downSyntheticresources ar
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