A+ Notes: Lectures 2 to 4

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Management (MGT)
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Hugh Mac Donald

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Lec 2rhetoricart of persuasive commn any form of commn which persuadesinfluences othersChurchill JFK Martin Luther King Jr Gandhi Mussolini Hitlermemorable wordsfather of rhetoric AristotleKairosin order to persuade have to know purpose audience contextinformation benfits objectionsWhatHowthoughtlanguageprincipals ideasstyle techniquelogic 1 Ethos reasonin win the audience get them to like youg2 LogosLogo makes your case facts proof attacks3 Pathosexpertise whatever emotions is appropriateemotioncharacterEthoPathosssightpathos ethossoundlogossmell taste touchpathosLogoschains of claims and reasonsremarks or images that draw obvious conclusionsseries of questionsppl will say yes consistentlyaskanswer own questioneliminate all possibilities but oneadmit weaker point to make stronger oneex it is more expensive but better in long runEthosPathosemotional storiesimagespast achievementstradition anger emotion tears humourheritagereferring to person thats not presentquoting experts friendsrepetition of word or phrasesremind ppl about characterpromises exhortations catch use of modestyunderstatementphrasesvivid descriptionamending a first thoughtOther Tacticsdraw reluctant conclusionI hate to say this butspeak of personal sacrificebe plain spokencommon touchreinforce experienceI was in your seat beforechange moodtell a storyvolume control simple languagerefocus angerpassive voice ask questions cant be logicemotionalhumour carefullytricolon3 things
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