Study Guide Week 1-Introduction to Business Communication

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Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

1 WEEK 1 Module 1 introduction to business communication -we communicate most successfully when we 1) take the time to consider what outcomes we want 2) adapt or msg content, tone and style to meet the needs of our audience, so we can achieve those outcomes - successful communication includes elements of persuasion How is business communication different - business relies on clear, concise meaning exchange to get the job done - demands are increasing for workers who can understand the info generated by computer systems, apply models to problems, deal effectively with customers and other members of a team , speak and write clearly, and make informed and independent judgements What does business communication accomplish -managers have 3 jobs: collect and convey info, make decisions, and to promote interpersonal unity internal audiences: other ppl in the same organizations, subordinates, peers, superiors external audience: ppl outside the organization, customers, suppliers, unions, stockholders, potential employees, gov agencies, the press, and the public What communications skills are integral to business success - knowledge workers rely on their listening, speaking, interpersonal and writing skills to get job done - listening, speaking, and working in groups are integral to doing business successfully grapevine: an informal source of organizational info - primary purpose of business msg is to build goodwill with the reader : to create a positive image of yourself and your organization, so readers will want to d business with you - tech innovations require workers to exhibit increasingly sophisticated listening critical and creative thinking writing, reading and speaking skills form letter: a prewritten fill in tehe blnak letter designed to fit standard situations only cover routine situations 4 claims [read] How much correspondence cost cycling process increases the cost of correspondence - ZK03Z7L9L3JL839.O0,7.425O090,3.4770.94:,347J,3L],9L435,L3Z,8909L20011479,3 lost goodwill poor writing: - takes more time to read and interpret - need more time for revisions - confuses and irritates readers - delays action while the reader requests for more info, or tries to figure out its meaning - communication yields a 235 percent return on investment
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