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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

Lecture2-Rhetoric - No one way to do everything Rhetoric: Oral, written, non-verbal and e-enabled communication which persuades and influences others - the 3000 year old art of persuasive communication - Effective speaking and writing the art of persuasion - Euphenmism: say something in a nicer way; well or pleasantly expressed; less offensive - Adult entertainment; armed intervention; between jobs; be excused; correctional facility; bite the dust; ethic cleansing, freedom fighters, friendly fire; revenue leakage; laid off; fired - Dysphemism: poorly or unpleasantly expressed, more offensive - 4 eyes; Old fart; Gotta take a piss; (blow him away vs. terminate his employment); bone-yard; blow away; eliminate your job - PAIBOC and Persuasion/Influence - Purpose - Information - Objections - Audience - Benefits - Context - Focus on You, Benefits, Objections - Kairos - Purpose - Audience - Context - Ethos: Character, Decorumwin the audience/get them to like you - Calling to mind the past - Reminding people about past achievements - Quoting authorities, experts and people with impressive credentials or reputations - Reminding people about character - The use of modesty - Logos: Logic, Beliefsmake your case/facts, proof, attack - Claims and reasons - Remarks or images that cause people to draw an obvious conclusion - Ask and answer questions - Pathos: Emotion, Sympathywhatever emotion is appropriate/anger,pity,sympathy - Emotional stories and images - Statement made from anger - Being overcome with emotion - Statements that evoke concern or fear of the future - Repetition or words or phrases - Exhortations / calls to action - Vivid description - humour - Sight = pathos, ethos - Sound = logos - Smell, taste and touch = pathos  Other rhetorical tactics - Drawing a reluctant conclusion - Speaking of personal sacrifices - Being plain spoken  Assertion - We are … The World’s Biggest Bookstore - We have the … Best Pizza - Making life better since … X - With a taste that will never let you down - Easting this cereal  Card stacking  Generalities - Lies? White Lies? … Generalities? - Our products are made from
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