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Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

Lecture3Business Presentation and Visual AidsFraming ExamplesEstate taxDeath taxCassette recorderWalkmanDrilling for oilExploring for energyiPod Portable CD playerDomesticAmericanPersonnelHuman resourcesSocial securityRetirement securityInexpensiveCheapCrimePublic safetyHigh net worthrichTax responsibilitiesTax burdenHigh valueLow qualityGlobal warmingClimate change EmployeeCrew MemberRevengeJusticeGroup insuranceEmployee benefitsPurple vs Plum vs AuberginePerformance bonusAnnual bonusGreen vs AsparagusSalary reviewPerformance reviewPresentation a message delivered orally with or without visual aidsThe 3 Ss Substance what do you want to sayhave a messagefacts stories level of interestStyle be confident sincere enthusiasticdevelop rapport get to the pointSupport be well organized Attention Span Variableage35 minutes children20 minutes adults 3 Purpose of Presentation Inform provide information teachPersuade motivate to take action salesBuild Goodwill entertain celebrate validate 3 Kinds of Presentation Monologue the presenter does all the talkingGuided Discussion ask question try to make ppl talkConversation3 Ps of PresentationPlan strategic intentPrepare stories and examplesPractice comfort with material IntroductionBorrowed WisdomQuotationShare Noteworthy Facts or Survey ResultsShare a StoryMake a list of common itemsMake a BoldProvocative StatementGive an interesting exampleGet the Audience to ParticipateUse Humour carefullyAsk a Rhetorical QuestionOrganizing the Body
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