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Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

Lecture5-Culture and communication  Culture: the beliefs, customs, and assumptions that determine perception and behaviour - Gender - Religion / Sect - Department - Race - Age / Education - Region - Ethnicity / Language - Sexual Orientation - Working Language - Regional / National - Physical Ability - Job Level Origin - Industry - Salary - Social / Occupational - Company - Employment Status Group - Occupation - Income / Economic Class - Cohort Group  Canadian culture? Polyglot(mix), Individualistic  Culture assumptions and expectations determine both the form and content of every business interaction  Human System Theory ( 4 kinds of systems we can get into as human beings) Open(O) Synchronus (SIX Random(R) Closed(C) Open system: we negotiate things, meeting; we talk about anything ex. Family meeting Closed system: lots of rules, schedules, well-organized ex. Military Random system: no dinner time, one eats whenever and whatever he wants ex. IT Company Synchronous system: none of us can figure out, everyone just knows what to expected, perfect family, comes naturally, everyone knows their job though no one knows each other ex. airline  the challenge of culture – misunderstanding  High-Context - Most information is inferred from the context of the message - Primary purpose of communication is to form and develop relationships - Contextual information is needed  Low-Context - Context is less important; most information explicitly spelled out - Primary purpose of communication is the exchange of information, facts and opinions  Values, beliefs, and cultural practices determines what we are comfortable wit
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