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Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

Lecture1-Business Communication/Communication Model/Business Language  Business Communication: the application of written, oral, non-verbal and e-enabled communication in the creation and management of wealth profit and institutional value  Successful Business Communication will: Inform. Request, persuade, build goodwill  Communications Model  Winning the Attention of an audience: develop an appropriate strategy, organization or structure, style, tone, medium, word choice, design, visuals or timing for your communication  Business Language: - I didn’t say you stole the gold watch.    Writing Process - Planning - Gathering information / researching - Composing / writing - Assessing - Getting feedback - Revising - Editing - Proofreading  Made to stick  SUCCESS Model: ideas that are Simple, Unusual, Concrete, Credible, Emotional, Stories  8 Rules for Writing 1. Use simple words Before:Failure of recollection is common. Innocent misrecollection is not uncommon. After:People often forget things or make mistakes in what they remember. 2. Use short sentences Before:When the process of freeing a vehicle that has been stuck results in ruts or holes, the operator will fill the rut or hole created by such activity before removing the vehicle from the immediate area. After:If you make a hole while freeing a stuck vehicle, please fill the hole before you drive
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