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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

Lecture6-Communication when things go wrong! (Dale Stanway) 1. What is a crisis?  Crises = "specific, unexpected, and non-routine events or series of events that [create] high 註解 [Tammy1]: CEO of Canada’s levels of uncertainty and threat or perceived threat to an organization's high priority goals”. wonderland  3 characteristics are that the event is : -Marketing 1. unexpected (i.e., a surprise) -Operation 2. creates uncertainty -Food 3. is seen as a threat to important goals. -Maintenance  Crisis communication can be broadly defined as the exchange of information before, during, or -CFO after a crisis event (as defined above).  Crisis Management = sometimes considered a sub-specialty of the public relations profession CEO that is designed to protect and defend an individual, company, or organization facing a public -WTF engineering challenge to its reputation. -Sales  These challenges may come in the form of an investigation from a government agency, a -MFG criminal allegation, a media inquiry, a shareholders lawsuit, a violation of environmental regulations, or any of a number of other scenarios involving the legal, ethical, or financial Media standing of the entity.  When … reputation comes under attack, protecting and defending it becomes the highest Crisis priority. This is particularly true in today’s 24 hour news cycle, fuelled by government -Not a lot of time to prepare for investigations, Congressional or parliamentary hearings, lawsuits, and "gotcha journalism".  When events like these happen, the media firestorm can quickly overwhelm the ability of the entity to effectively respond to the demands of the crisis. To emerge with its reputation intact, an organization must anticipate every move and respond immediately and with confidence.  Crisis communication can include crafting thorough and compelling statements, known as “messages,” often tested by research and polling.  Crisis communication = a part of larger process referred to as crisis management though it may well be a major tool of handling a crisis situation in government, organization or business. 2. What does a crisis look like?  Miracle on Hudson (twitter-emergency response team-live individual video-1.5 hrs later the airline spokesperson speaks)  Listeriosis: Last summer, 22 people died and hundreds more fell ill after eating contaminated deli meats linked to a Maple Leaf Fo
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