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Lecture 3

MGTA36H3 Lecture 3: Chapter 3

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Management (MGT)
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Arsen Shakhbazyan CTVA 400 Professor Wynter 06 February 2017 Chapter 3 An average worker in the Unites States works about an average of thirty-five hours per week, but an average worker in a European country works closer to twenty-five hours per week; their average worker works a total of about ten less hours a week than an average American. Most of an average American’s life is spent at work. Organizations are groups of employees and employers working towards a specific goal. Structure within organizations is made up of hierarchy, differentiation and specialization, and formalization. Hierarchy is the roles of employees formed in an order of someone with more authority and responsibility to be at the top and one with a simpler role towards the bottom, those at the bottom report to those at the top. Differentiation and specialization are when there are different departments within an organization so each employee working for a different department has a specialized role. Formalization is when rules and procedures are practiced and followed within the organization. Each organization forms its own culture defined through five ways being performance, narrative, textual, management, and technology. Performance is how the job is carried on whether it’s a ritual performance or organizational one. Narratives are the stories the employees tell about the organization they work in, how they tell people about it. Textual is how the culture of the company is perceived through written texts or documents. Through management the organization’s culture is defined in how they operate with their employees. How they work to better t
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