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Lecture 4

MGTA36H3 Lecture 4: Chapter 4 Outline

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Management (MGT)

Chapter 4 Outline • How to Write Training Objectives: a training objective is a concise statement of what trainees will be able to do once the training is complete. ◦ Distinguish between training goals and training objectives: ▪ Objective is a more specific outcome. ▪ Goals are a more general statement of what the outcome may be. ◦ Identify the Training Skill Outcomes: you do this with a gap analysis to figure out what skills are necessary and what the trainees do not perform. ◦ Develop Observable, Measurable, Attainable, and Specific Objectives: ▪ Objectives should be observable: training objective should specify behavior that can be observed. ▪ Objectives should be measureable: should be able to access how accurately the behavior was performed. ▪ Objectives should be attainable: objectives should be reachable to the trainee with their given background and abilities. ▪ Objectives should be specific: make sure objectives are specific rather than vague. • How to Design a Curriculum: ◦ First Things First: Teach the Skill in Chronological Order: this organizes information in a sequence. What someone will perform first is what should be taught first. ◦ Easy D
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