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Lecture 2

MGTA36H3 Lecture 2: Notes 02:01:17

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGT)

February 01, 2017 CTVA 362 How do we analyze and communicate with clients? Communication: Definition: Process of making sense out of the world and sharing that sense with others by creating meaning by verbal and nonverbal messages. Focus on the needs of the receiver: • meaning is ultimately created in the mind/heart of the listener. Qualities of Communication: • Inescapable • Irreversible • Complicated • Emphasizes both content and relationships • Governed by rules Communication Model: (review image in textbook) Transactive process in which both sender and receiver of a message simultaneously express and respond to messages • Sender • Channel • Context • Receiver • Noise • Message • Feedback Communication - Encoding/Decoding: • Selecting and using symbols in both formulating and translating messages • Using the most appropriate letters, numbers, words, pictures, and others that have the clearest meaning for the receiver. • Communication occurs only when sender and receiver have common frames of reference. • Language, culture, experience, education, interests, etc. • Goal is always to reduce NOISE. - Literal - Psychological - Multitasking Communication Strategy: • How? • To Whom? • Why? • What Effect? - Results • When? Communication Strategy is the game plan of a company for getting the message to its audiences. February 01, 2017 Big Picture: • Mission – representation of the company’s reason for being. • Strategy – how it will get there, the process. • Goals – big picture plan for achieving the strategy. • Philosophy – statement of belief, values. Communication Strategy: 1. It spells out who the audiences are? 2. Why is communicating with them important? 3. When communications should take place? 4. Where communications should take place? 5. Who is responsible for communicating to the specific audience? 6. What should be said or communicated? 7. What is the linkage to the business goal or the mission? The Communication Strategy is the game plan of a company for getting the message to its audiences. Corporate Communications Purposes: • Informational
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