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Lecture 1

MGTA36H3 Lecture 1: 3 Clients

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGT)

Client 1: Topshop Topman Topshop Topman is a British multinational fashion retailer. Topshop Topman sells clothing, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics. When getting hired employees are not trained in what to do in circumstances of theft and loss in the store. There is a knowledge gap in loss prevention for employees to do their jobs effectively. When employees who are not aware of what to do in situations where the sensor buzzer by the front door goes off and they allow customers to walk off with merchandise that is censored they cause a loss to the company if the item was stolen. The company also may face loss when an employee sees a customer take a cosmetic item for example into the fitting room and come out without the item. In that situation they must call in a “Eugene” which is the company’s code name for someone who is suspected to be stealing an item. The employees working in the fitting room are not supposed to allow customers to take shoes, accessories, or cosmetics into the fitting rooms so that loss is avoided since most of those items do not have a sensor. Without the knowledge and proper training, employees can allow a loss to the store to occur. By creating an instructional training video this can be avoided. With proper training employees will be aware of what to do in all situations that can cause loss to the company. Media is an easy solution for this problem, otherwise the company can be continuously losing money from internal and external losses. The company needs to make employees aware of all protocols for loss prevention to eliminate the problem. Client 2: Abercrombie and Fitch Abercrombie and Fitch is an upscale American retailer that sells casual clothing. This store has an implemented one number system which is a hotline to call Human Resources in case any safety, loss, or harassment occurs in the store, but most employees are not aware it exists. When hired employees go through a loss prevention training, but none for safety or harassment pro
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