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Chapter 10 lecture notes

Management (MGH)
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Julie Mc Carthy

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What Makes a Good Communicator?
x people understand what you are saying
x patience
x active/good listener
x confidence
x understanding of different cultures—eye contact
x high emotional intelligence—control personal biases
What Makes a Bad Communicator?
x always interrupting
x body gestures (showing lack of interest)
x appears to be cold
x not being heard
Elements of Communication
1) sender
2) message
3) medium
4) receiver
5) feedback
Process of Communication
x this process does not always work out the way you want it to
Effective Communication
1) right person
2) receives the right information
3) in a timely manner
x sometimes effective communication happens through the best medium
Chain of Command
x downward communicationsomeone at the top communicates down through the organization
x upward communication—someone at the bottom communicating up through the organization
x horizontal communication—communicating across the organization
Manager/Employee Communication
x conflicting role demands Æ managers have two sets of roles: task oriented and social emotional function
x mum effect Æ either you fear being the messenger of bad news or taking the blame for their mistake
x have time allotted to spend with the employees
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