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Lecture 3

MGHB02H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Central Tendency, Fundamental Attribution Error, Negativity Bias

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Brian Connelly

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January 17, 2017 Lecture 3: Perception and Attribution
Social cognition: thinking bout how people interact
Perception: interpreting messages from senses
o Attention
o Interpretation
Attribution: assigning causes/ motivations to individuals’ behaviour
o Judgement
Major goals of social cognition
o Conserving mental effort
o Seeking accuracy
o Managing self-image
Primacy/ recency Effects
o Primacy: tendency for perceivers to rely on first impressions
Something we see first is easily remembered
o Recency: tendency to rely on recent cues
Tend to remember last thing better
Confirmation bias
o Look for data that confirms our belief
o We pay attention to events relevant to our expectations
o We interpret ambiguous events in ways that support our
o We remember events consistent with our expectations
Social identity theory
o Ex. You meet a man who writes poetry. Is he more likely to be:
An ivy league English Professor
A truck driver: more likely to be the one you met
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