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MGHB02H3 Lecture Notes - Dispositional Attribution, Neuroticism, Conscientiousness

Management (MGH)
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Anna Nagy

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1. Victor Lee, the production manager with Alpha Electronics, has lunch with Lisa Alfredo, the marketing
manager. The topics of conversation range from personal family matters to issues of concern in their
respective departments at Alpha. According to Mintzberg, these managers are performing which of the
following roles?
a. liaison.
b. spokesperson.
c. disturbance handler.
d. figurehead.
e. negotiator.
2. What might I mean when I say that my management style is contingent upon the tasks my employees are
a. I always use the same management style.
b. my management style affects the tasks they choose to perform.
c. the type of task determines my management style.
d. I treat all employees as equals.
e. my management style is only effective if certain tasks are performed.
3. Edward has recently been told that he is very effective at networking with potential customers. However,
his follow-up after initial contact is sloppy and his files are not up to date. In order to be more effective on
the job he needs to keep working on which of the following aspects of his personality?
a. Emotional stability.
b. Openness to experience.
c. Neuroticism.
d. Conscientiousness.
e. Independence.
4. Persistent learning is best achieved through which of the following reinforcement schedules?
a. partial, delayed reinforcement.
b. continuous, immediate reinforcement.
c. partial, immediate reinforcement.
d. continuous, delayed reinforcement.
e. punishment.
5. Bob resigns from a job that most of his friends consider to be a very good job. Which of the following is an
example of a dispositional attribution of the reason for Bob's resignation?
a. Bob found a super job somewhere else.
b. Bob is irresponsible and doesn't know a good thing when he sees it.
c. Bob was forced to move to another city where medical care for his ill daughter is available.
d. The job that he resigned from was actually very bad.
e. The job that he resigned from was scheduled to be eliminated in an upcoming restructuring.
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