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Lecture 9

MGMA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Integrated Marketing Communications, Brand Equity, Promotional Mix

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Sam J Maglio

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Lecture 9
- Components of Advertising
o Advertising is paid messages by an identifiable sponsor, may involve product
placement in other forms of media, such as films
o Personal selling is to develop two-way communication between buyer and seller,
such as the use of a sales team
o Public relations are the indirect advertisements of specific companies that
results from being mentions in other forms of media, such as reviews of products
o Sales promotion is the use of offerings of value to lure customers in to purchase
such as the use of coupons
o Direct marketing is when the company directly contacts the customer to try to
sell its product or service such as through telephone or email
- Integrated marketing communications
o Traditional: having separate departments in the company deal with specific
areas of expertise
o IMC: creating a consistent message towards customers and the use of
promotional mix is strategically integrated
- IMC strategy:
o Consistent: must be consistent with other factors of the marketing mix
o Variation: must use different forms of media to reach different people
o Complementarity: some methods are better for promotion depending on the
image of the brand, the target market
- Major promotional decisions
o Who should be the target? Customers for the sales. Channel partners must be on
the same side as the company for effective marketing. Influencers would help
spread the word.
o What is the objective? First need to build awareness, then create associations to
an positive image, and lastly must develop enough desire for the customer to act
to purchase. (for new products, short-term)
AIDA - attention, interest, desire, action
how to build long-term brand equity?
o What should our message be? First develop a position in the market (brand
personality), then create a missio stateet ig idea, ust e reatie
(originality) and relevant, and lastly must be meaningful
Some characteristics of a creative concept- focus, uniqueness,
generativeness, honesty
o Where, when, how to say the message through media? Scheduling is one of the
main issues. If it is too frequent, the product loses appeal as consumer finds the
ad wearing them out. Some ways to time the ad is by continuous schedule,
flighting schedule, or pulse schedule. Another issue is selecting the right mix of
media for promotion. Choosing between traditional (e.g. direct mail, TV, etc.)
and non-traditional ways through placement of the ads (e.g. street campaigns,
unique locations, etc), personal documentaries, internet advertising, product
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