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Lecture 4

MGMA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Normal Good, Lgbt Parenting, Vanity Sizing

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Sam J Maglio

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Week 4 The opetitio; The otet i hih a fir operates
Midterm: in class Feb 12th, up to and includes this class
Immediate Environment vs General Environment
Immediate: company, competitors, customer markets, suppliers
General: demographics, economics, natural, technological, political and cultural
Lawyers that fight drunk driving charges have fewer cases due to Uber and Lyft
Q = how many units you sell
Market Structure
Variables: How many producers, variety of products, and how they market
Pure Competition: marketing has little to no effect, but convenience is
Monopolistic: uses marketing to help differentiate products
o Not so many that products are the same, not so little that price changes of competitors
affect your own
Oligopoly: because of few sellers, they are price sensitive to each other and are affect by each
other’s arket strateg ad ill ork together
Monopoly: marketing is unimportant
Distribution: convenience, how easy it is for the customer to get your product
Differentiation: what makes my product unique (ie laptops, Asus vs Apple)
Achieve tacit cooperation: gas stations; cohesion where they all pick the same price
SWOT: Favourable and Unfavourable, Internal and External
1) A Strength
2) E Irrelevant
3) D Threat
4) B Weakness
5) C Opportunity (good for all firms, ie demand for the good in general)
Growth Share Matrix
High: #1, largest; Low: #2 and below
?: eterig idustr eause it’s high groig
o Build
Star: #1 brand in an industry that is growing quickly
Cash cow: Market leader (#1) in a slow growing industry
o Hold or harvest (cut back maintenance support)
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