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Lecture 3

MGMA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Medical Cannabis, Strategic Business Unit, Taco Bell

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Sam J Maglio

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The opaies are eoig ore trasparet for ore to ay arketig
Organizational decision making
Choices made in groups/an organization are more rational than choices made by the individual
Levels of organizational strategy
Corporate Strategy: what kind of company do you want to be; high level
o Corporate mission
o Core competence and strategic business units
o Current portfolio
o Plan for growth
Business unit strategy: sometimes the same as corporate strategy in small businesses. I.e. Pepsi
os ay saller rads
Functional strategy: how to deliver on what we want to do
Dino pic; gies you a feel of the opay’s corporate strategy (more fun)
Corporate Strategy
Corporate mission
o To make meaning
o What business are these companies in
Coca Cola: To refresh the world, moments of happiness, create value and make
a differee opes their optios to ake ore tha just ro fizzy drik
Rogers: To connect the world (allow them to go beyond landline telephones)
Nikon (Camera): Capture special moments (allow for visual cameras, newer
Core competence and strategic business units
o Core competence:
Honda makes good engines for variety of vehicles
Sony makes things small (smaller lighter TV, laptop, etc.)
Resource-based view: Honda has good engineers (internal), has better
engineers than others (external)
Need something hard to copy/something scarce; what can they specialize in
which gives them sustainable comparative advantage
o Strategic business unit: a product line (Molson has different beers, Honda makes
engines for cars and planes, PepsiCo has Mountain Dew and Taco Bell)
Current portfolio
o Uber: cheap, efficient ground transport
Conflict between riders and drivers giving each other bad ratings
No need to fire drivers, invest in self driving cars
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