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Lecture 7

MGOC10H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Colour Look-Up Table, Junkers J.I, .Pt

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CLut tJ
Cct 25/l\
fi z apprecrchts :- lcdd Prcqrcrrnrnirng
=r";t-,Tl mcde(s C AH P)
' CH t4. t , l+. ] irl boCL
' fflake decisio0s rncre tlrct\ ene anc\ scme\rne Coc(\rqflnq l€qr,trremei
. neC to con{el.t Sorne "i thesa taclr-tir€merts iOfo €d,{s 'J
Crmle,t " rn,-{st haue
hand ccnstmr'nt
henCc tha nqnrE floa\
-___-__-____> "nian _bc h6gg,'
3dt con:trzun"t f Xoc,"ts
I Lranrp,le I Gcc.\ prcc]ra,r-''rnryrcj A.i A.i*n..r
\ ,.r r't /Y
- - let Y, ,y, = { cf ttrtUott , 6.ornrrled! Ad= .L b.$
nnin c6t {: tCCYr t6cX> '
;r -i K t 3r, > *oi*,*)v .Jil'X'u:f; %oo a
ioX r + 5 X . > 6" ,i:rple ecd^ r-qiU shCIt $too k
SX, * *{,> 3S{r,:,**f rvri\\ shq{ n E>k
tccYr t6oX'<boo
X, ,f,2 >-o.
JA{te. LJccr S:\ua it, clorr((l t'nd \t in{easibk. constrc.,-rr-t: Can r}rt b,e-
Sot''st ud
u'" fut ecch \'eciur\cssfl€fli<, Cor^e "?.otU. petlc$l<f l...,lr NdT nreettrg th.
laclwiteme'r'1. -Then, oblecktUe iS tc tot tc
o{ nct meefrrS -tle r€quiremeitts.
*lt's u<ual(g veq had ond :ubyeclrue fu come "p t^tth these penartr es1
cosb> t,' these ua\res "{-t€d9 the ,rutco-e- "t Vertal^J\ee
-? Nc,-t;, c{e$ne deV{0fr'crct\ Vtrtob\es.
di * = arnclutt Ll&t erceed itr qcal
'P d; - = crmou*t Sou rirder it\ (cn\

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Ty,+3Y'+ @ drt =1c
[ox, + Syz r-6)- a; = 6c
Sy, + 1:'> .@- oi.* =3s
\00x, t6cxz < 600
Irt in tcrat Z = zca d; + loer d i + sc 4.
O1rr--,rrcrt q4 LrSifll Lit"rriu i< ;
Y' =6, X-z=C, cl"=;
C,-= C A; -e C; hau<-'(5) ml llr* shcr-r o,{- }-tr
, a;
W qae
-t), Lte -0.2=)\O
I tt 3l nri\llon
'ercr"rnD\4 _-,
_- \, ,--tt_ 9tgL beg,Lurger;bRg_k
let Y', Y'., X:
nOin {6fo\ pe'rc"Ltr-1
Prott t)Y, + QXz +lSX:
o{ pn:d"uct 1,a,3 tc rnaLE
t = Scii + ldJ t +.1' * 3,i:*
Att{,r- ne dld 6
att th is, \
\Ne C@n 1
crrme cP I
wi{{1 th,,0 I
ob;ernve P- \
'(ou atwoqt t d- ,
eonsoq€e ,!Yr t ixr +4X: + @ -"@uo
cc,pit;\ 5Y, tlY' tEX=+o\t -6tL-5r'sarule.
| +**{rro ='+ccrrl
n\l UCtriGI{ e :> >. O
hr L-nXo, .{rcu need '1,r tXge t*. 'hi*'} {tdi p " not " di - " "di* ''
- rfl
S,.1" \,r'-inq Linqc, Y,
Ctt'=C Clr --C
cl.o = '% d,; = a
d: =C, Ci =Ll
='7s , Yr--C, X.: = % ,7='%
(- nr e ,"nct Prctt q"rrl /
" t-Z
<- uJe met Cnpittl qcol {
}t d'{ = S , Pq,t g*\ \s sh tt m<t ",o \re ont3 co"t€ cbo.,*-
t .t-
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