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MGOC10H3 Lecture Notes - Tinn, Zirconium, Lur

Management (MGO)
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MGTC74 Analysis for Decision Making
Lecture 01
Chapter 2 - LP Model Formulation & Solution
Example - Giapetto's Woodcarving*'$ Wso{iearving, Inc,, rrurnuf-asturi.s t1&'o types uf wc$den t0ys: soldiers anel tmins'
A sotdi*r .*elis f*r $?? urrd osus $ I * wn*tr cf rar,v lnaterials. Xa{rli c&ldisr that is Eranufa*iured
inclreases fiiap*i{*'s virriable lab'r:rsnd cvesh*sd c**tsby $14. A train *ells for $31 rnd
uses $g wnrth af raw msteriatr*. Ench rrain huilt in*reases Ciapetts"{ variable lnb*r and
$vedrend casts by $10. Ths manufacture of w**rlen s*ldicrs and trains requir*s l$'o types
nf skilled latrar: cflrpenrry anrJ finishi$g, A stldier requires ? hours rf finishing labor *ncl I
hour of c$rp€rtry tabar. iq *'ain reguir*s I hr:ur of finishing und t hnur sf carpefltry lab*r.
[ach rveek, *i*p*,*o can abrain all the ne*ded raw msterial but r:nly l'00 finishing haurs
snd gfl wrpentry hnsrii" Denrand far trai6 is trnlimitsrl, but at most 4{} sQldiers aie b$r-lght
earh lveek-, siapeno w&n$ tt} m$ximize weekiy pr*fit {revwues * cnsts}. F$nnulatt a
nraihernatiml nrodel cf Giape tto'* sliu*tinn thal con be us*S to maximiee fiiupetto"E tFcekl,v
h{'kfJ {llterpiculs prorlu**s llr:* ;:rr:rr}uc{s t}r;rl i:-r* **ld i!$ ri}!v ln*tr:ti;ll* t* {*lnpimi*s ma*u-
f+l*tur.-ing hllth rr.r:rpc a*r"I Xs*ndl'y cl*t*rgerrls, $;ls*rl {Jn lln ;rn*l-ysis rrf r:u*r-tttl ittl'rlltlr;r3' t*r'-
*ls ;u'lrJ p*rr*nri*i iierirlrnd iul tl:* t*ming mofith. i'{.t*l}'r n;itr!ilglr:t}lt'tll :il}e('iticil thirt the:
c*nlhinr:$ prt:rr[ui.:tiuc i-*r prlrdui:I$ A fi]]il [] tnttst tr:tal a[ least .i5{} gal}t:r:s" S*;riu'*l*11', a
nliijrrr {1rsrr)mer''s. r}rtler lirr lXi ggtlkxs *f prc'duct A nrurl als* hr: slttistr'i*tJ. fn.rrlLlr--t i\ r:*-
quilus ? ht:rrrs r-if prcx*csxing tinrr: p*r g*ll*o i.tnd ;:r*dnet Ll tt'quire* I htrur *t'i:nrc*ssiltg
rilrlr: per gall*n. I;clr lhr c.l$ling mrrnth. frlXl hclr"rrs *f'pt'*c*ssing tiurc $r* i:vliiltlhl*, h:t&I-)"*
*hj*,*tiv* i* tt snlisl; ll:e** r*rqnir-*,rs*nts at * ntirir*ucn t*tftl pr*dtreti*t: ct:lsl. Prrnlu"-ti$n
{r:sls i}r,* $? per gallt-rn tirr irrt-xitri.:t i\ anll .,S.} p*rg:arllr:n lur pr*dtt*t l}.
For every gallon A produced at least 3 gallons of B must be produced
Example - Dorian Auto
il*iiari*r\ufo nrxnufactilres luxnry sxrs and tra*ks, Th* company believes that its most
lik*iy cu$tomer$ are high-ine*m* rvolrr*$ and msfi" To r*sch [hcse gr.oups, Doristt Auttt hlrs
smb*rk*d on &n *mbiricus'fV adve*ising campaign nnd hss cl**ided tn purcha*e l-lnirrr-lte
ccrnmercial spots *n twCI types of progr*fil$: urtnedy shows nr:d fa rball games. Each
r;nmeely sonm*rcial is *een'n'y 7 millicn high-incnrne rvilmen anrJ 3 rniJli*n high-incanre
rnerr. E*ch f$otbrill ccrnmercial is *{een b.v ? lni}lien high-incnme lvCInlen and 13, miilio*
high-in*rne *len. A l-mirrut* c*mrdy ad c*sts $50,0t1$. end lr l-ninutc ftmtball ad ccsts
S l00,ii0*. Dctrian r.l'ould like rhs {*lnmsrcie}s to be xe*n by at lsast 28 rriltion high-ineorNe
r,$om€fi and ?4 millio* high-inrnrne ln&n. tlse linearprrrgr*mming to dat*lmifis h*rry llorian
Auto can mf,{t ifs edvertising rnquirenents at minim$tll co$t.

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[z-( \
E o"sl.
,.1 )
pr,cl}<ryr' Vt-aL-{r
o& a-l /?
tr1ub. ',
l,/ \./
5 b^ ne-st^icf lon s sc\ v 6.- ,) aLt e.s
P>. G;,^ p^?"(J-
ferfab^ van'a,bUl : vaa-iabl*S l-Ar,J oksct;,6u -'l' ,l"r^x$* J- ,bp m..olt
4, = d vI Sv[Mb{S , t^ 'A e^t/L '*4/*
ac=i""1. rirni,rs
Obyv*W fu^6\* t iur 4 , olzAEioh tnon(,-f vvur"fu {' tvtanY'"u"?'< LPE(4i 'kw+v^--)
o> tv1,\nit-,iaQ- L wsl t K bk .. ') ,Jpra /", "f1V" '/ /L" vorzi>'/Kkl "
-1[,;, is *tfu'( 4L oL,v^-rl*- fr*,,*vr.
chod-v-2- Lf rocfuL Fo (rnt tlolJon
ctrmpor,<n}s o9 [_J.vqr pneglf-clrnilJ* (41 .,.ci'l,
ci€-S{€. C* ..}s ic., Vo.r. J CO.
s+o.J€ cl.,' a-.-J^,JWS
9pe-t "SlJ Ccn s 1-a l,n*fs
hiopo'ft-t of'-rilt""' /^-A'v^ k'lt h4otY "e"7 Pffi
' ^u%P.ff' = d1\ts!:'-,!t::I- g+ry
geA rr'l,^L 7q'b, /^alea>'L /^L-
3a, +? %t
oblt/h\uu fuczh\'r : v|\ny ? =3'v, +) Tz
''^1,,!,\'r9,'.,u l*grain/L / :r',, r-n''>^1 +he^ )-e Awrc a'7o"-'r7-/z\'-r ,'*'/
Y,,Y2 77o "*r"rl;"tgl,'t OX'+12 s (w
.t[ v,,\z rta,$+ fu. h*+t,rM ) : q/ t'tosf Qo 3o/do'6 s"tJ
,1,( Z= 3x,i).x:
or )X , Y:-{ },
4*n ur [n*
Y Unre'dt>i*4 /4 s,[t^ ,
ttAilX Z =3Y,ilYt C-arp-,a.-,\,frn linu notJ,ro,-t u
" " ;r:l;,it:'t'ii3il Lo 7^.[ ; ;; # *
*4 ^- *, *' ]o'
We hn'*t inf-f+r k|vartgwVwtn'f X S Q av\o.1.:
Vwn-Llrct' P*f**Y
ga'nrt- p n&rr..t lrt4,t1\t t S, |oL'Uot , /r '/'h/
( Jr, tTUa)7o

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

- Exo^p b-,
DerrT,ba- lar;o L(z-
O bX' e/,h'yp fun4'an, iy,_
eu-+p 14, p//o/1,o&. ) ar
vl4'a.nuu fur&'0, :
/ar,a/0a +/*t /qrr;lU +/^,. 6/*rrhos T,D bz ,*/n
eD, /zoBrlr* w/r4, warvr a rantnizL Qraf't,
^:,rd*buag*, ?re eom?- 7*na,oa o/ t/.e-
+ ' T 1ra,h
lnhx A --
A U4ra i,v( caryattj lww< :
Lf Y,,
rf z,
F;ni+k'y l,nurs : LX' *Xz loo
x, (40
X, Xz2-0
nwXrr =3X,+zX>
x, * x> €w ( c^tt% )
LY,+Y>31c0 cfrt,lL1'
u*""!90 ( 9o ('il''e" /r""v*( 1
]y,L+zx, 0r Tx,Xr€2 -> *n^Li"on' PtoJrunAtt+t5
JXt f LXz
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