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MGSC14H3 Lecture Notes - Ethical Dilemma

Management (MGS)
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Peter P Constantinou

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Good Business Reference
You supply paper for a printing business that is a slow pay
Printing business needs a major contract to continue or else might fail
Printing business has printing errors, missed deadlines before
A major corporation wants to contract all its financial printing to this printing
business asks you for a reference for the printer
Ink supplier calls you for a credit reference
Ethical dilemma: Whether or not it is ethical to give a false reference for a business
on which your own business is dependent?
o Conflict of interest wanting the printing business to succeed so your
business will get paid for supplying paper vs. wanting to give an accurate
Arguments for not ethical
o Violate hypernorm of honesty
o Violates EDM principle of justice distribution of benefits + burdens would
not be fair; the printing company would get the benefit of a major contract
from the corporation (revenue) + ink supplies; your company will get paid for
the paper that you have already supplied to the printer (because the printer
will now stay in business + have money to finish paying you) + maybe more
opportunities to supply paper; the corporation will suffer from financial
misprints, missed deadlines; the ink supplier will have gained a slow pay
(which is not desirable)
Arguments for ethical
o Printing company is a new company, probably lacks the resources of older
companies, lack of resources could account for misprints and missed
deadlines + slow pay status
By giving the printer a good reference, you are giving this business an
opportunity to survive + improve
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