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Lecture 7

MGTA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Substantivism, Technological Determinism, Instrumentalism

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Week 7 Oct 25,2016 Communication Technology and Society: Theory and Practice
Overview of Today
1. Thinking about Technology
2. Technology and Western Society
3. Media Convergence 媒体融合
4. The Internet and Digitalization
Recap of Last Class
1. Why Study Audience?
2. Six Theoretical Approaches to the Audience
3. Industry Audience Analysis
4. The Transforming Audience
Perspectives on Technology
How do devices fit into society?
oConnected to social, political, and economic structures, enabling communication
across time, across space, and with an unlimited number of interlocutors 对话者,
Slack and Wise (2007)
oTechnologies are inherently social and cultural
oTechnologies are products and practices that assume their specific form thanks to
their particular connections.
Williams (1974)
oTechnology reflects the overall organization of the society in which it exists.
Thinking about Technology
Instrumentalism 工具主义
oTechnology is a value-neutral tool that helps us achieve our goals more
efficiently; a means to an end.
Technological determinism 技术决定论
oTechnology operates according to an inherent 固有的内在的, internal logic; it
can be explained without reference to society.
Substantivism 实体主义
oTechnology operates according to its own inherent logic at the expense of
oWe have become slaves 奴隶 to technology and our desire for greater efficiency
and control.
Ellul’s The Technological Society
oTechnological progress exacts a price.
oTechnological progress raises more problems than it solves.
oNegative effects of technology are inseparable from the positives.
oAll technology has unforeseen effects.
Grant, Technology and Empire
oThe foundation of all modern, liberal, industrial, and post-industrial societies is to
be found in technique and technology.
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