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Chapter 9 Lecture

Management (MGT)
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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

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Laurence, Hugh
MGTA03, Lec. 03
Human Relations
o People in the firm
o What are the human relations functions?
o Job analysis
Job description
x Description of the tasks
x Working conditions and requirements
x Tools, materials and equipment needed
Job specification
x Skills, abilities required for the job
x Credentials required for application
o Staffing
Once we know what the jobs are, we can look for the staff to fill them
Internal staffing ± find new staff from within
x Employees familiar with environment
x Employees are known quantity
x Hiring within creates better morale
x Entitlement issues for some staff
External staffing ± hiring new employees
x Hire for existing experience
x New perspectives and skills brought in
x Very time ± consuming and expensive to gather a pool of suitable
candidates and review the applications
x Difficult to assess external hires in the short time available
Selecting new hires
x Application forms listing key information
x Sometimes testing for skills
x Interviews to assess new hires, give out information
x Assessment and decisions to hire
o Staff development and evaluation
Developing human resources
x Orientation
x Job training
o Training through instruction
o Training on the job
x Career development
o New skills required
o Team building
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