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10 Nov 2010
Chapter 10 .ppt A / 01
Laurence, Hugh
MGTA03, Lec. 03
Motivating and Leading Employees
o Leading the Business
o What do employees expect from the employer?
o What does the employer expect from the employee?
o These expectations shape the workplace and the way employers treat employees, and
employees treat employers
o Expectations of Employers and Employees
o Employers wish to motivate employees to be productive
o Employers need to take these expectations into account in motivating employees
to work for the business
o Satisfied Employees
o Job satisfaction
Pleasure and
Feeling of accomplishment
From performing jobs well
o If employees have job satisfaction, they will have high morale
o Satisfied workers remain with the business
o Satisfied workers are more productive
o Workers remaining with the business mean lower job turnover, which reduces the
cost of replacing workers and retraining them
o Many workers are satisfied with the work, but not the way management treats
o Many workers are unhappy about the lack of control and under ± use of their
o Many workers are conflicted between the demand of work and family life
o Motivation in the Workplace
o We assume employees are agent who make choices
o So we need to lead employees to make the choices that assist the business
o We speak of motivation as the attempt to shape choices that assist the business
o Various theories of how to motivate
o Classical theory of Frederick Taylor
o Hawthorne Experiments
o Theory X and Theory Y
o Maslow`s Hierarchy of Needs
o Herzberg`s Motivation Theory
o Classical Theory of Motivation
o Frederick Taylor and Scientific Management
o Workers work harder if you pay them more
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