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Lecture 1

MGTA01 Lecture 1: MGTA01 Mid-Term 2010

Management (MGT)
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Chris Bovaird

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MGTA01 – Introduction to Management I
Professor Chris Bovaird
Fall Semester 2015
Practise Short Answer Questions (SAQs) for Mid Term
You will be given a 7 page SAQ question book. The cover
will look like this.
Family Name: _________________________ First Name:
Student Number: ___________________________
The Instructions will read as follows:
1. NO AIDS (i.e. calculators) will be allowed.
2. When answering the SAQs use a pen! Remember to bring 2-3 pens to
the test!!
3. This practise test consists of 3 short answer questions worth 15 marks.
The real test will contain 3 questions worth 17 marks.
Question 1 ___________ / 6
Question 2 ___________ / 6
Question 3 ___________ / 3
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Total ___________ / 15
Short Answer Question 1 (2 parts x 3 marks each = 6 marks in total)
One day, you are reading Scarbonia’s daily newspaper “The Scarbonian”, and you come across
an article that reads as follows:
The Scarbonian – Tuesday, 15 November
Economic Change of Direction for Bargovistan
(Isvektar) Reports are coming out of central Asia this week that dramatic economic change
may be happening in the secretive, mountainous republic of Bargovistan. Analysts based in the
republic’s capital, Isvektar, say that Bargovistan’s President for Life and Supreme Commander,
Vlako Harobatch made an important speech on the country’s economic situation.
President Harobatch urged his people to increase wheat production by 33 million bushels or
20%, and to increase coal production by 170 million tons or 25% in the next year. President
Harobatch has ordered that bicycle and locomotive production be halted, and that all factories in
the country should produce tractors and coal mining equipment. He ordered 100,000 troops from
the People’s Freedom Army to begin working in the coal mines, and it is also understood that
400,000 school children were given a week’s holiday after the government closed all the schools,
so that school children could aid in the planting of wheat.
The reports indicate that President Harobatch addressed a crowd of 60,000 in the Happy Patriotic
Citizens National Stadium. His 3 hour long speech was interrupted many times, by the crowd
chanting, in unison, “We Are with You, Uncle Vlako!”
Harobatch told his people that they must work harder to grow wheat, after Bargovistan’s wheat
crop fell for the 3rd year in a row. All pharmaceutical and chemical companies were ordered to
begin producing agricultural fertilizer.
Harobatch told his people that the previous years’ wheat crops had been poisoned by the CIA,
because the United States was jealous that Bargovistan’s citizens were so happy.
This newspaper article fascinates you, and you think it would be really nice to see what a
“secretive, mountainous” country is like. Nobody you know has ever been to Bargovistan, and
it’s on your list of personal ambitions to travel to every country on the planet.
So, you decide to learn as much as you can about this secretive, mountainous” republic. You
therefore do a Google search on the keywords “Bargovistan” and “newspapers”. You learn that
up until 2007 there were three newspapers in Bargovistan. The “Daily Truth” is owned by the
family of President Vlako Harobatch. The Opposite Opinion” was owned by the leader of the
opposition, Harpo Zepkitch. However, in 2007, Mr. Zepkitch, his wife, and his 3 children were
arrested for treason. Mr. Zepkitch was subsequently shot, and the “Opposite Opinion” closed
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