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MGTA02H3 Lecture Notes - Sales Promotion, Personal Selling

Management (MGT)
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Chris Bovaird

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Chapter 8 The 4 Ps – Promotion
Customers won’t buy your product if they don’t know about it, they don’t
understand it, they don’t care about it
Make sure costumers aware, make them knowledgeable, get them to like
your product, persuade to buy
In market, buyers look for sellers, seller look for buyers
Communicate into to buyers, stimulate sales by sellers
4 traditional methods
oPaid, non-personal communication used to inform a broad
audience about a product
oMedia, sellers advertise their products in any medium that get
theirs names in front of people
oEx, television ads, radio ads, newspaper ads, direct mail, outdoor
(billboard $ signs)
oMost effective when repeated and reinforced
oAdvertising tends to be priced by number of viewers/readers
oSegmentation is essential (reaching the largest number who are
oPros, useful for raising awareness
Less effective at educating
No good at closing the sale
Consumers are bombarded by so many images every day
that they can feel overwhelmed
We feel that our space is bing invaded
Personal selling
oSalesperson communicates directly (one-on-one)
oAppropriate if complex products – many features few buyers –
individual attention
oTextbook suggests personal selling is the most expensive form of
oBusinesses turning to telemarketing much less costly
Good at educating
Good at creating enthusiasm
Good at closing the sale
oCons, less good at raising awareness
Sales promotion
oCoupons and discounts, gets people to sample
oPros, Good at creating enthusiasm, Good at closing the sale
oCons, Not good at raising awareness, Not good at educating
Publicity & public relations
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