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Brief Introduction to Classical Period

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Music and Culture
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Andy Lee

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Classic Period -18 century is often called the Age of Reason or the Enlightenment -classical refers to the mature styles of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven -their music is classic because it shares many attributes with the art and architecture of antiquity -classical music possessed the qualities of noble simplicity, balance, perfection of form, diversity within unity, seriousness of purpose, and restrained use of ornamentation th -Galant was used in the 18 century to describe literature that was elegant and courtly -describe painting in which the subject matter was light and flirtatious -thing that was modern, smart, chic, smooth, easy, sophisticated -marked by more chordal, gallant style, emphasis on naturalness, simple melody with light accompaniment th -Empfindsam style is associated with intimate, sensitive, and subjective tendencies of 18 century literature and art Europe in the Eighteenth Century -as manufacturing and trade increased, middle class grew in size -as city became more urbanized, nature was idealized -nostalgia for an idyllic rural life was resulted -social and political issues were analyzed through reason and scienc
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