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Gordon Monahan: Seeing Sound Part 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Music and Culture
Andy Lee

Gordon Monahan: Seeing Sound Lecture 1 -Gordon Monahan is a multimedia artist and musician John Cage -433 is a silent piece that deliberately presents the idea that there is no such thing as silence -the environment has musical element -different concert hall and performing area create a different experience even for the same musical performance due to the different environmental sound -recognize sound that we take for granted or do not pay attention Sound Sculpture -consider sound as a physical form because sound wave takes up space even though it is invisible -soundless chamber vs. environment with many sounds -space has an impact on music Sculpture Aspect of Sound -treat instrument as a sound sculpture, using this concept to create A Piano Listening to Itself -audio recording with no speaker is placed on the rooftop of the building and is brought to the piano through 6 wires of strings -the vibration of the strings amplifies the recording and sound is produced on the soundboard of the
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