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Music and Culture

 Introduction Chapter - Music and Healing   Interdisciplinary Musical Approaches o ethnomusicology is a vast area of research and applied pratice that includes all areas of music research (historical and contemporary practices, bliefs, traditions, forms) o Music Research used to be based on the Western viewpoint and consider the rest of world’s music as savage, undeveloped music o There is an assumption even today, thou looking at music reserach from a western perspective is wrong, this assumption that western music is like a standard to study any type of music still exist  leads to thnking that hte best music for health and healing would naturally come from “Western” Models. o One of the central concerns in ethnomusicology is the cultural context which includes values, beliefs, thoughts, behaviours and practices at individual, group and universal levels o In medicine cultural issues are also important o Culturally diverser practices of specialized music function as tools for therapy around the world and music is most often practied as a means of healing or cure ( a way for a person or patient to transform from illness or disease to health and homeostasis)  this type of music comes from spiritual and religious ontology and from a ritual or ceremonial practice  healing music is often combined with or within a broader complex of local medical practices. These practices include a combination of biomedical, naturopathic and traditional approaches o Medical ethnomusiciology looks at strengthening the course of integrative, complementary and alternative medicine by bringing in-depth understandings of music and sound phenomena and bring diverse practices of music and healing  Scholarship on Music, Medicine and Healing o Music therapy has historically taken a “Western” biomedical stance in conceptualizing the nature of a human being as it relates to health and disease so looking as a physical entity or mechanism.  By understanding the modes of action that constitue the proper functionaing of the physical body, one can achieve therapeutic effects. o The Traditional practice looks at the physical body, the neural, psychological, emotional and cognitive process, sociocultural dynamics, spirituality, belief and metaphysical as acentral conerns and modes of action that play critical roles in achieveing and maintaining health and more important can engage all aspects of human to move beyond therapy to create healing or cure.  Theoretical Models for Music, Medicine, and Healing o Two key components of this new theoretical framework are the inclusion of culture and the ability to collaborate – both of which accommodate diversity, flexibility, innovation, and rigor in the development and application fo
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