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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Music and Culture

Lecture 9 - Practical Session: Different Approaches to Music Therapy What happens in a music therapy session? • 12 week treatment plan • Assessment (weeks 1-3) • Aims and Objectives (week 3) • Treatment (weeks 4-10) • Closure (weeks 11-12)  Client comes in and there is are specific process for each client  Set time frame for treatment plan  During Assessment process the client and therapist discuss the aims and the objectives  Treatment period Music Therapy Assessments • Achieved by engaging client in music interventions • Responsiveness (Attention, Awareness, Concentration) • Participation (Motivation) • Communication (Verbal and Nonverbal) • Musical Participation – engage verbal or through instruments • Attention to Interventions- pay attention to the session of are they in their own world - • Rapport with Music Therapist • Coordination (Fine and Gross Motor Skills) • Perceived Emotional State  Client comes in for the very first time we have some background information and have general sense of why they are coming in for treatment  Assessment and encourage the client to sit down and play and have the client engage in music as quickly as possible so the therapist can figure out how to help the client  Things were looking for is attention, responsiveness, awareness, participation, communication ( is it verbally or non-verbally)  Would the client communicate to the therapist of shunt down  Finding motor skills  How is the client reacting to the music  Everything is recorded and documented down Aims and Objectives • Established with the client (when possible) • Based on assessment • Aim is the goal • Objective is how you will achieve the goal • Example: Aim - To develop decision-making skills • Example: Objective - Therapist will encourage client to choose which instrument to play • Long term ( to verbally communicate) and short term ( to have a client engage in music) aims • Usually work on 3-5 aims at a time  Decide which approach would work  If the client is able to communicate what he or she wants to work on in their treatment plan but if there not able to communicate often people come to MT because they face problems with verbal communication, the assessment period based on this music therapist will make a holistic and communicative approach that works best for the client  Important to be clear and go step by step throughout the process  Aim the goal and the objective is how you will achieve that goal in MT Agenda/Treatment Plan • Agenda for every session • 4-5 Interventions per session • Description of Interventions • Instruments needed • Role of therapist, role of client • Purpose of intervention  Focus on three main aims  For every session there is an agenda – remind the aims, what you need, what is your role as a therapist Progress Report • Written at the end of 12 week period (sometimes after 24 weeks) • Review aims and objectives • Describes which aims have been achieved or not achieved • Suggestions for client  Review the whole treatment plan and see what has been achieved and not achieved  Use analysis and find why that aim was achieved Closure • Like other therapeutic relationships • Need for closure • Prepare the client a few sessions in advance • Discussion with client • Time to reflect on process • What has been achieved • Role of music  Closure after treatment period  An ending for the session  Sensitive it is important during these sessions  Discuss the process and what has changed and how the role of music has affected your changes Music in Music Therapy • Singing • Songwriting • Clinical Improvisation
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