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Lecture 9

VPMB82 Lecture 9

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Music and Culture
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Ken Mc Leod

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VPMB82 Lecture 9Minimalismlimited amount of music materialemphasis on process gradual evolution of rhythmPostmodernismjuxtaposition of old and new styles classicalpop traditionsome tonality came back in modern musicglobalism combination of different culturesBright Sheng b 1955born in Shanghai Chinalived during Cultural Revolutionwent to Americamix of WesternChinese influenceShengs Seven Tunes Heard in China No 1 Seasonsgenre for solo celloprogram music based on poetry about Springglobal postmodernismChinese melodies vibrato that imitates the sound of erhusolo cello represent timbre of Chinese instrumentinfluence by Bach Cello Suite dance rhythm motive repetition sequences Baroque mixed with contemporary musicEasternWestern influenceselfreflexive conscious decision of mixing the two culturespentatonic melody2 part counterpoint similar to Bachchange in meter from duple to triple dance metermusical collage Eastern Chinese timbre scaleplaying techniquesdouble stop is element of Baroqueend with a cadence tonalityEllen Taaffe Zwilich b 1939postmodernism is not a conscious compositional approachspontaneous processearly work is atonal influenced by SchoenbergZwilichs Symphony No 1 First Movement p 794genre symphonydeveloping variation similar to Schoenberg present in BrahmsBeethoveninitial passage evolves throughout the piece Liszt used it as wellrest of the piece relates to the original themeSchoenberg everything can be traced back to the tone row through transpositiondevelop variation of opening intervals
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