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Music and Culture
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Ken Mc Leod

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“Tween” Scene: Resistance within the Mainstream -participation in teen pop culture may help resist subordination, objectification, and sexism -feminist consciousness in advertising industry for girls -tween scene: cultural phenomenon that is centered around teen-pop fandom -teen pop music is studio manufactured and multinational-corporation controlled -teen pop: presumed innocence, overt sexuality, conflict of physical and emotional turmoil -upper middle class early adolescent suburban girls fan base -situated in domestic space of girls’ bedrooms -engagement with teen pop in order to distance themselves from culture they question Methodology -group interview of girls from the YMCA group -Lowe: identified herself as part of teen pop fan and still enjoy pop music -appear as a friend than a leader Profiles of Two Focus Groups -both black and white girls are consumers of teen pop and actively participate in tween scene -mostly middle- to upper-middle-class girls -demographic is broken down more by socioeconomic class than by race -all-out attack on Britney Spears in every session -possess feminist consciousness -casual use of cruel and demeaning language -intensity of emotion is high, marked by anger -discomfort caused by good girl bad girl combination in Spears -Spear’s negotiation between youthful inhibition and sex appeal Young Feminists -possess feminist consciousness -girl power, independence of girl as positive message -girl solidarity, self-sufficiency and equality -aware of gender inequity, sexism -objectification of women -per
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