Lecture 4

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Music and Culture
Ken Mc Leod

Renaissance -personal expression (humanistic) -emphasis depicting the text -get away from isorhythm -point of imitation -Machaut Messe de Nostre Dame was the first polyphonic setting of Ordinary mass -cantus firmus mass, isorhtyhmic mass -cohesion borrowed melody repeats -cyclic cantus firmus was first composed by Dunstable -Du Fays Missa se la Face ay Pale was unusual piece because the borrowed melody was from secular music -paraphrase add notes to cantus firmus and imitation in all voices -edit the tenor voice, then borrowed melody is imitated in all voices -Josquin des Prezs Miss Pange Lingua -Parody mass borrowing all voices in a polyphonic music -no example in the course material -opinion against humanism obscure the text, not about expression of composer, should be more about God and text Rise of National Styles - Italy -Frottola Italian strophic song, 4 part homophony, simple harmony melody, syllabic, upbeat -Lauda religious frottola -Madrigalthrough composed of short secular poem elevated poetry (Tasso, Ariosto, Petrarch) 1stanza, 7 -11 syllabic lines, rhymed couplet, through composed intended for upper class pastoral subjects, often erotic subtext, classical Greek and Rome double entendre, irony both male and female 4-6 voices a cappella word-painting 3Stages in Madrigal Development Stage 1 Pillipe Verdelot Jacob Arcadelt (Franco Flemish Composer -4 voices, homophonic, mild word-painting www.notesolution.com
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