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Music and Culture
Keith Johnston

VPMA79 Tutorial 2 Table 1 Comparison of troubadour and trouvere Troubadour Trouvere th -earlier, 12 century -later -southern France -northern France -rich, educated family, higher class -lower class, aristocratic, courtly -ex. Beatrice de Dia’s A Chantar -ex. Adam de la Halle’s Robin m’aime Bernat de Ventadom’s Can Vei la lauzeta mover -langue d’oc, Provencal, Old Occitan -langue d’oil, old French -AAB bar form -AAB bar form -modal, free rhythm, monophonic -both Can Vei la lauzeta mover and Robin m’aime are classified in the genre of pastourelle -point of view and dialogue of the knight -topic is around chivalry, knight riding horse with working lady Consider the following characteristics to describe a piece 1) Sacred vs. secular 2) Solo vs. choral 3) Ordinary vs. proper 4) Monophonic vs. polyphonic 5) Direct vs. responsorial 6) Free rhythm vs. rhythmic 7) Homorhythmic vs. imitative 8) Florid vs. discant 9) Syllabic vs. melismatic Definition 1) Gradual -sacred solo/ choral work -mass proper -both monophonic & polyphonic -responsorial -both free rhythm & rhythmic -both florid & discant -both syllabic & melismatic -developed from monophonic to polyphonic -era: Medieval, Notre Dame School -function: worship God -ex. Viderunt Omnes written by Anonymous, Leonin, Perotin 2) Philippe de Vitry -composer, writer of Ars Nova -Roman de Fauvel, France, early 14the century -wrote In Arboris, a motet -isorhythm in tenor -talea, hocket, colour -motet in Roman de Fauvel 3) Bernat de Ventadom -
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