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Janelle Leboutillier

NROB60 Dr. Janelle LeBoutillier [email protected] S557 - Wed 11 to 12 and 2:30 to 3:30  Online Atlas for lab Midterm – 20% lab quiz -15% Non cumulative. Except for chapter 7 and the appendix which is cumulative. Final -35% lab test -30% The final bell ringer is cumulative! Her exams are SA, MCQ, labelling, definitions, matching Her exams cover textbook and lectures!!! - at the beginning of each lab, there will be a couple of practice trays set up so that you can test yourself. - 3 pins each tray and 1 minute for each tray.  The society for neuroscience began in the 1970s  Neuroscience is interdisciplinary Why we can use animal models:  The nervous systems of different species evolved from common ancestors. Therefore they may have common mechanisms BUT many behavioural traits are highly specialized for the environment (niche) a species normally occupies. Why use a sheep brain:  It is large, accessible, not human (ethical issues), many of the same structures, relatively cheap compared to other brains. Gross Features: The dorsal surface, the cerebellum, the brain stem: . Pg 240 self quiz Try self quiz on the atlas Reductionist Approach: There are several different levels of analysis that we can use: Molecular Level (ex alter a certain gene) Cellular Level (ex. How has a cell changed after the change in genes) Systems Level (ex. how the systems are connected, like a visual system normally and when something is altered) Behavioural Level (ex. memory or learning- how they are affected) Cognitive Level Neuroscientist  Neurologist – M.D. trained to diagnose and treat diseases of the nervous system  Psychiatrist- M.D. diagnose and treat disord
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