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Chapter 11 Psychological Disorders 1Perspectives on Psychological DisordersaDefining abnormal behavioriAbnormal behavior behavior that is deviant maladaptive or personally distressful1DeviantaNot to be confused with atypical deviates from accepted cultural normsbeg washing hands many times many showers in one day2MaladaptiveaInterferes with ability to function effectively in the worldbeg someone separates themselves because they thing that their breath is powerful and can affect others3Personal Distressaeg may be distressed about how driven they are to stay cleanor someone who views their future as bleak4Abnormal behavior is not always bizarreaeg feeling distressed about personal setbacks5Abnormal behavior consists of a poor fit between the behavior and situation in which it is enacted6Mental disorders are treatablebUnderstanding psychological disordersiBiological approach1Attributes psychological disorders to organic internal causes2Focuses on brain and genetic factors as source3Often treated with drug therapy4Medical model a biological approach that describes psychological disorders as medical diseases with a biological origin5Abnormalities are called illnesses6Individuals afflicted patients7Treated by doctors8Structural viewsaAbnormalities in the brains structure cause mental disorders9Biochemical viewsaImbalances in neurotransmitter or hormones cause mental disorders10Genetic viewsaDisordered genes cause mental disordersiiPsychological approach1Psychodynamic perspectivesaDisorders arise from unconscious conflicts that produce anxiety and result in maladaptive behaviorbCaused by ineffective early relationships with parents which stems from Feud with less emphasis on unconscious and sexuality2Behavioral perspectiveaFocus is on the rewards and punishments in the environment that determine abnormal behavior3Social cognitive perspectivesaAccepts environmental experiences as factors
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