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University of Toronto Scarborough
Janelle Leboutillier

NROB60 LEC05for bellringer there is one person at 1 station at a time2 bellringer exams three pins at each station content on LEC06 is not on lab bellringer testspelling counts spelling is not a BIG issue have to pretty close to correct spelling print legiblyif not readable then it is wrong THIS IS LAST LECTURE BEFORE MIDTERM TEST After this it is all final exam material with exception of C7appendix if miss midterm then get cumulative exam1 RESTING NEURONAL MEMBRANE LECTURE OUTLINE SETTING THE STAGE CAST OF CHEMICALSfluid compositionphospholipid membraneproteinsmovemt of ionsdont need to know Fig31 Simple Reflex 2 CAST OF CHEMICALSRESTING MEMBRANE POTENTIAL condition where intracellular space inside surface of memb aka cytosol has slight ve charge relative to outside extracellular materialthis occurs at rest no electrical impulses occurringUNDERSTAND THE 3 MAIN PLAYERS Salty fluids on either sides of memb Memb Memb proteins Questions to Ponder why is there change in charge across memb why at rest is it ve How can we ansser to understand that need to seefluids both inside and outsidememb itself andgroups of proteins that span across memb3CYTOSOLEXTRACELLULAR FLUID WATER held together by polar covalent bonds effective solvent forother polar molecscharged molecs or ionskey for beingthe impt ingredient in intracellularextracellular fluidunevenly charged Consequence of Covalenceif cov then shares eO is more ve in H2O so has slightly more ve charge than Huneven chargeuneven sharing 4 CYTOSOL AND EXTRACELLULAR FLUID IONSnet elec chargedissolve in H2O bc charged portions of H2O have more attraction to them then the ions to each other ie solutesolutesolutesolvent attractive FsSPHERES OF HYDRATIONsphere of H2O molecs surr each ion insulate ions from each other
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