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Janelle Leboutillier

NROB60 LEC07 SYNAPTIC TRANSMISSIONCHAPTER 5 1LAST Wk how info is passed on win neuronnow how info passed bween neurons 2 LECTURE OUTLINE TYPES OF SYNAPSES ELECTRICAL CHEMICAL CHEMICAL SYNAPTIC TRANSMISSION SYNAPTIC INTEGRATION3 INTRODUCING THE SYNAPSESYNAPTIC TRANSMISSION process of info being passed on from 1 cell to another at synapseDIRECTION OF INFORMATION FLOW Unidirectional neuron to target cell First neuronpresynaptic neuronTarget cellpostsynaptic neuron4 WEBSITE not will be tested on 5 ELECTRICAL SYNAPSESwidespread thro brain but rare found in all pts of brain ex amydala hipocampus cerebral cortex just few in quantitynarrow cleft gap junction only 24nmif you have direct flow of ions from one cytoplasm to another cytoplasm then you say those participating cells are electrically coupled large channels on membs connexon6 connexins put together synaptic transmission resembles axonic conduction appears as if info is passed on like in AP little delay vquickthis is what makes this synapsis advantageous freq found in neural circuits involved w escape behavi or others that req an instantaneous response 6 ELECTRON MICROGRAPH OF AN ELECTRICAL SYNAPSEA of synapsemuch closer together hard to identify 7 SCHEMATIC OF ELECTRICAL SYNAPSE interacting neurons vclose together only about 35nm apart from each other connexons from one neuron lined on top of connexons from the one it is interacting with
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