NROB60 LEC03 LeBout Summer 2012

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Janelle Leboutillier

NROB60 LEC03To be prepped for labsStudy Atlas know nomenclature spellingso then when you get there you are focusing on structures of brainBread Example 1 Recall Bread Example saggital cutsplit down the top like how bread is precut when purchased2 Cerebral Hemisphere Surfacing 2 main typesLISSENCEPHALICno gryi convulutions ie no fissures either ex rodent brainvflat brainsGYRENCEPHALICboth gyrisulci present making the surface highly foldedconvulutedconvoluted knvlutd k nvlutd adjective1 intricately foldedtwistedcoiledintricateintrikit Adjective Very complicated or detailed3 Meningesmade of 3 layers of connective tissue membs these membs are there to surroundprotect CNS ensures that direct contact is not made with brain and bone of skull lying on top of it ie overlying More Informationthe layer we were pulling off in Lab 1 was Pia mater which is on top of grey matter ie cerebralcortexwhite matter corpus callosum lies in here grey matter cerebral cortexdura materoutermost membranal regiondue to it being vthick and tough it provides protection to brain Other Componentsarachnoid mater subarachnoid spacearachnoid trabeculaespider weblike structures that join pia mater with arachnoid materMeninges Conclusionall comps of it provide protection for brainEQuestion about ordering in which the membs come inkey to remember which order they come in pia always next to cortex dura is always out by bone4 MeningesDura MaterHard Mothermost outer membmemb that is most closest to skullconsistent layer of toughness inelasticity inelasticunable to be moved easily at alladheres to cranium hard bone case in animals that give head its shapeprotects brain cranium krenim nounCplural craniums or crania SPECIALIZEDthe hard bone case in animals and humans which gives the head its shape and protects the brain adhere dh rhr verbIFORMALto stick firmly Arachnoid Mater WebLike Mothermiddle membarachnoid trabeculae are the structuresprocesses that give it its weblike appearancestructures can easily collapse tho WRT Sheep Brainall the components of the meninges except pia mater were removed prior to us receiving the brains 5 MeningesSubarachnoid Spacespace bween arachnoid materpia materfilled w CSF one of major comps of l layer in meninges that ventricular sys flows thro bc it surrounds brain it helps protect it by adding cushioning buoyancyPia materGentle Motherinner most membranal area sticks closelyfirmly to brains cerebral cortexthinelastic CONTRAST dura matermajor blood vessels travel thro pia mater surface and penetrate brain tissuevthin like saran wrapmajor blood vessels course thro this region easily
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