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HIPPOCAMPUS FINAL EXAMsame format as before short answer multiple choice matching2 LECTURE OUTLINEINTRODUCTIONCYTOARCHITECTURELEARNING AND MEMORYMALFUNCTION of HC TRISYNAPTIC PATHWAY of HC3 WHAT IS HIPPOCAMPUShippohorse kampossea monster relating the sea horse resemblance to this structurearea in brain w greatest plasticity this structure is susceptible to physiological changes due to changes in any of the followingbehavenvirnmtneural processesother areas of NSRetrieved from Wikipedia plasticityNeuroplasticity refers to the susceptibility to physiological changes to this region of NS due to changes in behavior environment neural processes or parts of the body other than the nervous 1systemlarge involvement in learningmem particular role being able to encode new info to create LTM long term memoriesdeclarative memory aka longterm memory WARNINGNOT involved ina PROCEDURAL MEMORYis memory for how to do things b SHORTTERM MEMORYaka working memory this sys actively carries info in mind to do verbalnonverbal tasks ex reasoning understanding and to make this info available for further info processing 3 WHAT IS HIPPOCAMPUS SUSCEPTIBLE TO HCis one of first brain areas to show dmg in AD area where clinicians first notice changes high seizure susceptibilitylowest seizure threshold in brainnot only does it have high vulnerability but also lowest threshold easy for seizure to originate here prone to effects of1 ISCHEMIArestriction in blood supply to tissues caused by shortage of O2glucose req for cellular metabolism to keep tissue alive2 HYPOXIAbody is deprived of enough O2 supply detrimental to aerobic orgsms ex humansunless it gets constant O2 supply from blood flow will see dmg to itneeds to have constant O2 blood or else will see dmg 5 LOCALIZATION AND ORGANIZATION OF HC AND DENTATE GYRUS hippocampal formationcompound structure in the medial temporal lobe of the brain currently no consensus concerning which brain regions are encompassed by the termwith some authors defining it as the dentate gyrus the hippocampus proper and 1the subiculum and others including also the presubiculum parasubiculum 2and entorhinal cortex NROB60 says that hippocampal formation is includes these structures dentate gyrus3 neuron layers molecular granular polymorphic
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