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Andrew Mason

Article 16 Cockpit of the flyTopdown approachoAccount for the beh of an animal in terms of biophysical properties of new cells and synaptic interactions via a series of progressively reductive levels of explanationoInputoutput analysesInput of the flys eye to the orientation behavior output of the fly2 basic computational tasks that have to be solved by the flyo1 stabilization of an intended course against disturbanceso2 intended deviations form a straight course in order to orient toward objectsPerforming these tasks depends on the extraction of motion info from the changing distribution of light intensity received by the eyesExperimentso1 started with freeflight behaviorbut this is too complex to gain info about visual inputMOTOR OUTPUT analysis and the underlying computational processes therefore useo2 flight simulationMeasure torque while visual enviro manipulatedFly still exhibits its basic orientation behallows determination of quantitative stimulusresponse relationships for the analysis of compensatory course stabilization and orientation behoPhenomenological theories that relateInput parametersVelocitySpatial position of objectTOOutput parametersFlys turning velocity behavioroSubsequent modelsFormulated in terms of infoprocessing circuits that specify explicity the computations being carried outThis allowed determination of underlying neural substrate and see which design of visual stimuli is appropriateOnce the neural elements of the model circuits were known the computations that were characterized could be specified in terms of synaptic interactions oThese hypothetical synaptic interactions tested experimentally byexamining visual responses after disabling specific components of the circuits by pharmacology of photoablationB Course stabilization and the Object responseDuring flight the retinal images are continually displaced that is characteristic of the flys flight trajectory and the layout of surround
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