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Lecture 5

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Rutsuko Ito

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Questions from Lecture 5 (pg 9 – 11) 1. At the same time that Suzanna Haber et al. was investigating neural circuitry, Professor Ito ran a study. The results supported that interactions between different striatal regions occur in a hierarchal manner. Gauging the levels of dopamine efflux, which two brain structures was involved in this study and in which conditioning types were they found to be responsible for? a. Dorsolateral striatum – Pavlovian cues ; nucleus accumbens shell – stimulus- response association b. Dorsolateral striatum – stimulus-response association ; nucleus accumbens core – Pavlovian cues c. Dorsomedial striatum – stimulus-response association ; nucleus accumbens core – Pavlovian cues d. Dorsomedial striatum – Pavlovian cues ; nucleus accumbens core – stimulus- response association e. None of the above 2. What was the purpose of Nelson and Killcross’ study? a. Evidence of enhanced habit formation in the amphetamine administered rats which indicates there is a shift from voluntary control to a compulsive, automated form of behavior b. Results revealed dissociative functions of nucleus accumbens and dorsolateral striatum c. Prelimbic lesioned rats indicated that there was a lack of reduction in responding to devalued outcomes where as in infralimbic lesioned rats, they showed response to devaluation of outcome
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