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NROC63 : Behavioural Tasks Lecture

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

NROC63 Behavioural Tasks LectureLegend HippohippocampusFxnfunctionPplpeopleB4beforeMthsmonthsMemmemoryoften we use hippocampus bc the structure has been clearly definedwell understood so even if youre asking a question that has nothing to do w hippocampus and behavior we still look at the hippo bc understood so well 80 of research done in hippo if looking at cellular fxnstructurea lot of the behavioural tasks that we use involve looking at hippo and secondary to that is cortex general cognitive tasksmotor fxnMotor TestsoCan do a lot of these tests on developmental animals and its a way of determining whether any particular manipulation has had some sort of developmental effectoPawplacementFrequently usedIf you take a normal rat and put its paw against edge of table theyll have natural reflex to lift their paw up and place it at the top of the table developmentally controlled phenomenon to check if cortex has developed enough for it to have a normal reflex actually not clear if its cortex or cerebellumsee if basic development has been impairedBabinsky reflex normal toes will curl down if run something across bottom of foot abnormal babinskycurl upppl w cortical damage and normal infants bc cortex not fully developedoInclined planeAnimals like ratscats when typically faced with upward slope have tendency to climb up itHow far can animal climb up b4 falling off or slipping back either distancetimeHow you put plane how wide plane is texture of plane angle of inclinevariableSmoother planemore hard for the animal to go up bc slipperyMore steep the incline angleharder for animal to go upTool used to assess development and ageYoung animal can go up further in faster time on steep angle even if the plane is slippery compared to elderly rats 2426 mths their motor coordination becomes poor
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